The Pumpkin Coach

The Pumpkin Coach


Описание книги The Pumpkin Coach. What Alice does not expect is that she would fall in love with Joe Adair, a colleague, almost as soon as she meets him. The Pumpkin Coach, the new novel by bestselling author Susan Sallis, is full of the passion and drama that have won her a huge and devoted readership. Most of her family have worked for the railway over the years, and her best friend Hesters father would be in the same office. For Alice Pettiford, living near Gloucester in the late 1940s, leaving school for a job as a railway secretary makes perfect sense. What she doesnt know is that the coach has played a secret part in the history of Joes family, and that Joes mother named it the pumpkin coach. But Joe has to go overseas on National Service, and in the meanwhile Hesters brother, the enigmatic Valentine, finds that his fondness for Alice is deepening into something much stronger. When he and Alice discover an old railway coach, long abandoned, hidden in a clearing in the Forest of Dean, Alice realises that it has been a very special, magical place. Now her own destiny will also be shaped by this enchanted refuge.

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