Batman: Arkham Knight: Volume 3

Batman: Arkham Knight: Volume 3


Описание книги Batman: Arkham Knight: Volume 3. And in the shadows lurks the Scarecrow, whose sinister plans for Gotham City and its guardians are the most frightening of all.Defeating the Arkham Knight and his army will take every ounce of Batman’s skills and strength. Because under his rival’s helmet is a familiar face, one that should strike terror even into the heart of the Dark Knight himself… The Joker is dead. And his new enemy, the mysterious, murderous Arkham Knight, is here to see the Dark Knight fall forever.And he is not alone. The brutal killer known as Bane wants to prove himself a more powerful warrior than any knight. Arkham City is no more. But as Batman has learned, evil is endless. The crazed criminal called the Calendar Man is out to make each day Batman’s last.

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