Описание книги STOLEN CROWN. But eventually word of his existence reached Arkov, thrusting Reyer into the middle of a world of danger and intrigue. This is the story of the rightful heir to the throne of the High King of Mithgar, who as a babe was spirited away to safety as a usurper and his followers broke into the palace and killed the High King-- though it was believed by all, including the usurper who claimed the name of King Arkov, that the child had perished in the arms of the slain queen. Years passed, and the boy, called Reyer, grew up on a distance island ruled by Elves, far from the plots and counterplots that surrounded Arkovs throne. And though the forces of his enemy are far superior, still he will go into battle, to gain back the crown--and the kingdom-- stolen from him. But he survives, and grows into a man who can command an army of those long loyal to his dead father.

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